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 Koh Phi Phi Islands

Adventure Travel to Thailand

Travel to Thailand for some great adventure climbing and amazing Thailand beaches!

Southern Thailand was made for climbing with the huge rock formations jutting out of the ocean.  Thailand is the friendliest and most accommodating country I have ever visited, they love farangs (foreigners)!

Here are some travel tips for an amazing adventure travel trip to Thailand:

Where to go:

Krabi Province, Thailand

Includes Tonsai, Railay, Koh Phi Phi Island

When to go:


How long to stay:

Minimum: One week

Where to stay:

Check out Railay site for recommendations and even help with booking a place to stay.

They list all types of accommodations for every budget and traveler.

Where to climb:

Railay – limestone, bolted routes all along the beach and back in the jungle
A few of the climbing areas on Railay = Pra-Nang Beach, Escher Wall, Candlestick, Thailand Wall, Low Tide Wall, 1,2,3 Wall, The Keep, Maui Thai
Climbing areas on Tonsai Beach = Dum’s Kitchen, Cat’s Wall, Tonsai Wall

Climbing areas on Phi Phi Islands = Hua Ling wall, Pile Wall, Hin Taak, Ao Ling, Tonsai Tower, Maya Bay

Other climbing areas nearby =

LoaLiang island

Koh Yao Noi


Other Adventure Options:

Deep Water Soloing  – day-trips to Tonsai/Railay, Koh Yao Noi and Koh Lao Liang

Bouldering – on Tonsai Beach and Phra Nang Beach

Kayaking around Krabi

Elephant Trekking tours in Ao Nang

Jungle Treks in Railay

Area Climbing Guides – contact King Climbers Guidebooks Rock Climbing in Thailand and LaosThailand: A Climbing Guide, or King Climbers Edition 51wMgOuokeL._SL110_.jpgThailandSam Lightner Jr.Best Price $13.24
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Travel to Thailand Tips:

Grab a bite to eat anywhere along Tonsai beach or Railay Beach.

If you are staying on Tonsai (due to low tide you can’t get there at night) make your way along the beach and enjoy all of the great bars, each one is unique and a guaranteed good time!

Railay West has some great restaurants along the beach and inland too.

Enjoy the Rock & Fire International Competition which is held yearly in the winter.

Just remember this is island time and no one is in a hurry. They don’t know what ASAP means so relax and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. It is amazing!

Bring bahts with you, not many places available to exchange money here.

Everything is really inexpensive for a beach location.

Use backpacks for luggage since you are getting in and out of boats and there are no docks at most of these locations.

Make sure to lookup the immunizations needed before traveling.

Stock up your first aid kit and bug spray before traveling.

And remember, you are in the jungle, lots of crawlers and bugs and monkeys everywhere.

Lastly, don’t forget your climbing gear!


Enjoy your travel to Thailand! I promise you will go back again.

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